Current Projects


Rencore is the company behind the SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF)​ which provides the most comprehensive (and only) code analysis suite for SharePoint and Office365.

Founded by experienced SharePoint architects the main objective of Rencore is to provide solutions around Microsoft SharePoint which bring transparency into the SharePoint development process. This is reflected in the name of our company: Rencore is built of the swedish word “ren” which stands for clearness, clarity, purity – and the english word “core”.

Previous Projects

Impero Software Solutions Limited 

I spent nearly five years at Impero working across the business in different roles.

I started work at Impero Solutions when Impero was in start-up phase going from concept stage (two founders in their backroom) to commitment stage (having an office and staff). I was in hired in a new newly created technical support roles as previously technical support had been an addition to someone else role and often was the founders job. I Provided technical assistance to customers and conducted trial install & demonstrations of the product as it was a start-up I was given a number of opportunities to take on additional roles and responsibilities.

As Impero started to finish the validation stage and started to go into scaling stage the business we needed to scale support. Due to knowledge, my customer focus and my ability to solve problems, I started providing third-line technical assistance to customers and providing expertise to extend the company into new markets and verticals.

As Impero continued through scaling stage of the business the lack of QA was harming the company. As there was a limited QA process and the software testing was being carried out by other people as an additional role. Due to my success in my support and my strong customer focus I was asked to build up the department and team. Establishing and implementing procedures and tools that help maintain the usability of all the Impero software product range that included all three products.

After Impero had reached the “established” stage of the business we went through reorganisation and I was asked to take on a more strategic technical role. A newly created role I am provided my expertise across multi-disciplines such as product management, QA and support.

Overseeing the organisation and operation with other senior team members of a highly successful peer support company. I Managed the marketing and PR as well as maintaining relationships with third parties such as industry leaders, government organisations, education charities and ICT support staff working in an education setting. Created opportunities for to work with third party organisations.

Russell Dyas

 I am a technologist.. I am a geek.. Who has a passion for providing honest advice, sharing resources and connecting people and ideas together. Currently working for Rencore.