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Work & Projects####

  • Working at Rencore - Enjoying the fact we all work remotely brings lot more freedom to life. I am currently focused on building internal process and systems. Some of the areas of focus at the moment are:
  • Lots Of DevOPs including Azure,
  • VSTS Release & Build Manager
  • PowerShell
  • PowerBI -Monitoring, collecting & understanding across business Metrics
  • Lots of testing..
  • Writing/Video
  • Publish a post once a week. I am very good at always editing and not publishing work. In an attempt to publish more I am going to do the following when writing:
    • Write draft
    • Edit draft
    • Send To External proof reading service (this is stop me from going into a edit loop)
    • Publish
  • I want to do something with YouTube & maybe live streaming (Periscope/Facebook). I have got few ideas currently working on.
  • Also focused on getting rid of backlog of book reviews (this connected to my once post a week).

Home Life & Family

  • Getting ready for time away in August.
  • Plan some day trips while family on summer break
  • Trying to sort house out in general as got several jobs that need doing.


  • Just started Taekwondo with son. So currently do that once a week.
  • Running - I keep trying to get into this but then life gets in the way. I am aiming to run at least three times a week.
  • Food - I seem to get into this pattern of logging food and then stopping, logging food and stopping. So currently looking for way to break this cycle..

101 in 1001####

A lot of goals above are connected with my 101 in 1001 goals. However going to focus on using and especially the dashboard. The problem is there is two much on it and not using it. Going to refocus and have two or three metrics that are my current monthly focus.

Russell Dyas

 I am a technologist.. I am a geek.. Who has a passion for providing honest advice, sharing resources and connecting people and ideas together. Currently working for Rencore.