Declaration Of Interest & Disclaimer

I think might be obvious that I work for Impero Solutions and we make a software solution that covers classroom, network, print, power and E-Safety management.  However the website is not an Impero website (however I might mention it every so often as I like to keep people updated on Impero) and content will focus more on the concepts of these subjects and less on how Impero implements these concepts.

Just if it isn’t obvious** views expressed are those of myself and not of Impero or any other employer.** does not get monetary compensation to review any products. On occasion, companies will send us a sample product for review on the site. I pick and choose what products appear on Many of my product reviews are based on products I’ve purchased myself. Receiving product samples does not influence the final review. Period. There is no guarantee with my reviews and I will not be held responsible if you decide to purchase an item and you are dissatisfied with it. I state my opinions very clearly and my product reviews are just that. My opinions.

I will always disclose if I received a product for free by inserting a statement in the post with a “Item Provided For Review However Opinions Are My Own” and link to this disclosure page.

Russell Dyas

 I am a technologist.. I am a geek.. Who has a passion for providing honest advice, sharing resources and connecting people and ideas together. Currently working for Rencore.