Great Scott... And Now for Something Completely Different

This post is something a little different after nearly five years this is my last week and a half at Impero. As of next month I move on to a new role with Rencore as their QA Manager helping them to build up their QA process. This move is strange one for me as for the first time in my working career I am no longer in the education space.

Over the years at Impero I have worked with some great people and great customers. I have seen Impero develop from a small “concepting/commitment” startup to the company it has grown into today. I certainly will be keeping my eye on Impero as Sam and Darren move Impero into its next stage and I think they are right people for the job.

While Impero has gone through some up and downs one thing has always been evident. The people that work at Impero want to develop software that users love and help keep children safe.

There a few “stories” that stand out from my years at Impero and I always joked I could write a book about it. The stories that stick with you are the ones where the software and E-safety lists help a child at risk.

If what I said above is true you would be forgiven for asking the question “why are you moving?”. As previously mentioned Impero is about to begin its next stage in its story and while I could have carried on I felt it was time for someone new to come in and build upon foundations already laid.

As for me as well as my new role at Rencore. I will still be lurking around and keep my eye on education space and have a few ideas associated with the education sector and this blog.

Russell Dyas

 I am a technologist.. I am a geek.. Who has a passion for providing honest advice, sharing resources and connecting people and ideas together. Currently working for Rencore.