Would You Mind If I Changed Just One Tiny Aspect Of It?

As Blackadder once said *"Would you mind if I changed just one tiny aspect of it?"*

As you can see I have changed a few things on the website first is that I have moved away from Wordpress and moved it off my server and onto hosting platform Ghost. I like Wordpress and there is so much you can do with it but I found two things:

  1. I was spending a lot of time making sure that server was updated and secure.
  2. Also spending a lot of time editing the site and theme.
    Using the Ghost platform does have disadvantages over hosting Wordpress myself such as lack of plugins, Theme editing is very much editing HTML and CSS.

There are some workflow issues going to have to solve such as auto-posting to social media I am going to make heavy use of ifttt.com to solve these problems.

I also need to go edit some old posts to replace any WordPress shortcodes and also do some edit to the themes.

The last thing is I need to find a decent markdown editor as Ghost platform uses this for its main editor format.

Russell Dyas

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