Lenovo Not Just About Culture Diversity

Lenovo Thinkpad x100eGive Me The Basics – Bringing People Together

The book The Lenovo Way is by two long-term employees of Lenovo and discusses how they built a new culture when it brought the IBM desktop business. They started with two companies with two different cultures and created one culture for Lenovo with the company becoming truly diverse.

What Do You Like – Not Just Success But Also What Failed

There are many things that impress me about this book such as the true passion that the authors clearly have for Lenovo. They also highlight the company successes but also where they failed.  I also found the layout very useful with each chapter focusing on a key principle and a reminder of the key takeaways at the end of each chapter.

Give Me The Lowdown On One Concept From The Book – Employees Need Tools & Frameworks

One concept that came across in the book was passion for learning and that leaders must “walk the talk” .  However what  also came across is you can’t just say to employees that “these are values we as a company think are important.” You also need to give them tools and frameworks to carry out those values.

Give Me One Quote From The Book – Feeling Like An Owner

“Ownership means that when you feel like owner, you do things differently. You put the company first, rather your own personal interests. You set targets for yourself, rather than being assigned tasks by your boss. You always try best to deliver good results, without pressure from anybody else. A learning attitude is the willingness to try new things and new ideas and to practice improving every day.”

What Do You Rate The Book?

While the books focus is on making a global company it equally can be applied when trying to bring together different subculture groups such as different departments. As you can easily replace the words western and eastern with the words technical and sales. This book has many nuggets of information with every chapter having something useful that I could apply.

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