Richard Branson's Like A Virgin Is Not Just For Entrepreneurs

Richard BransonGive Me The Basics – Not Just For Entrepreneurs

Sir Richard Branson the founder and the face of Virgin Group in his book Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School discusses his views on business, being an entrepreneur and how they can help you succeed. No matter if you are entrepreneur or work for established business. Each chapter provides a detailed essay focusing on a single business view or strategy.

What Do You Like – One Eye On The Front line ?

If you know anything about Sir Branson some of the content will not surprise you. One element that I really like is the reminder that the front line staff in any business are ones that help you offer a genuine great customer experience and that they need the support of the entire organisation behind them.

Give Me The Low-down On One Concept From The Book – Its Fun, Fun and More Fun.

One concept that is a core throughout the book is whatever you do make sure you have fun. The Virgin Group have built that element into their brand: “Our culture arose from our constant engagement with our customers and each other. This led us to build a company devoted to customer service and staff engagement; to providing great value and maintaining a sense of fun in everything we do.”

Richard Branson At Ted Talks With Photo Of Richard & Pamela Anderson 'Messing Around'Give Me One Quote From The Book – The Royal We.

“If employees aren’t associating themselves with their company by using ‘we’, it is a sign that people up and down the chain of command aren’t communicating.”

What Do You Rate The Book?

4 out of 5 stars

The good thing about this book is no matter if you are an aspiring entrepreneur or not it provides some useful reminders on core values such as customer service and “Be the disruptor, not the disrupted”. You will not be a surprised by some of the content but what the book does well is condense the key points into an easy to read book.

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