A Sales Technique That Will Help Test Software & Implement Projects

diagram showing the flow of Feature - Function - BenfefitsSales Techniques That Can Help Test Software & Implement Large Projects.

I am a great believer of making sure we use context driven testing techniques as we need to make software that is fit for a purpose. The other month I was discussing with the technical director at Impero about a sales process called Feature, function and benefit (FFB).

This sales framework can also be useful when testing software as it can be used when you get new or  major updates to an area of the software. If you go through this framework it can help you define the context of the software and work out the problem it  is trying  to solve for your customers.

What Is The High Level Feature?

When we get new software or a major update to an area of Impero we try to make sure we take a moment to write the different sections of the software the changes effects. We write down the high level change such as “we have implemented a mass editor to allow customers to change policy items on mass.”

What Are The Functions?

The next thing is for us to look at what are the basic functions of the new software or module are and work out any differences between this version of the software and earlier versions.

What Is The Benefit Or What Problem Does It Solve?

We then ask what is the benefit to the customer of this feature for example does it solve a problem that a customer will be facing. If we can’t find the answer then at that point we then probe into more detail to see if we are missing anything in our thinking or does the feature need more work.

It Is Not Just Software Testing.

As you can see this framework provides a basic high level overview of new features or big changes to an existing piece of software to help focus the mind on the context of the software we are testing.

However you can apply this method to any large-scale implementation project. You can follow through the same process If you are thinking of implementing a new system within your establishment such as cashless catering, a new network or a seamless sign-in system such as YouID.

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