Why I Write to To CEOs Over Good Customer Service

Photo of Customer Service Award In A Bank Window.When I Write To CEOs & MDs

Twice a year I choose a company store/restaurant that I have received consistently excellent customer service. I will ‘hunt out’ the email for the CEO/MD and contact them to let them know how good the store and its staff have been. Talking to CEOs/MDs was a regular occurrence in my previous jobs so I have never been phased by this communication.

This year I selected the Caffe Nero in Loughborough and the Pizza Hut in Leicester (Haymarket). I do not let the staff know before hand I am going to email as it is not important they know. What is important is that the CEO/MD knows they are doing a great job.  But you may ask why I do it?

Highlighting Good Customer Service To The Management

It is inevitable the senior management will be more disconnected from the front line as an organisation gets larger . Television shows like Undercover Boss prove this no matter if it is bad or good customer service they tend not to hear about it.  Also my experience of working in retail when I was younger is that large percentage of the emails that head office get are complaints as it is human nature people tend to only complain. I use to have a director who would say “If you have a happy customer they tell one other person however if you have an unhappy customer they will tell ten people.”

Making sure that senior management recognise consistent excellent customer service is important. As I feel direct praise and recognition from the top management board is one of the greatest compliments and motivators a staff member can receive. Having the ‘big boss’ saying “well done” and recognising you and the rest of the team motivates more than any other action a boss can take.

Photo of chain reaction setupMotivation Is Like A Virus

However this translates down no matter how large an organisation or team is as having motivated staff is vitally important. Even if it is one or two people on a team or thousands of people in an organisation.

Motivation is like a virus be it negative or positive it swarms through an organisation.  I have been in places after I emailed the CEO and the staff have a renewed energy. Staff feel they are part of the brand and company. Which then means the great customer service continues and hopefully the staff pass along the positive reaction with it spreading both within the company but with the customers they interact with as well.

To go back to my original question “Why do I write to CEO’s?” because I want the senior management to recognise great customer service and hopefully cause the positive interactions to continue.

Russell Dyas

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