Paradoxes & Logic Solving: Impossible Folding Puzzles Review

Photo of Rubik's cubeGive Me The Basics: It’s All About Maths Paradoxes & Logic Solving

As software testers we have to think out the box which means that problem solving puzzles are great training aids.  The book Impossible Folding Puzzles and Other Mathematical Paradoxes by Gianni A. Sarcone and Marie-Jo Waeber tries to explain why people often fail at them and how you can hone your problem solving skills.

What Do You Like?

The main thing I like about this book is that it tries to link the mathematical concepts to the puzzles it shows. An example the first chapter is about puzzles related to topology. Topology is describing the properties of an object that remain unchanged when you transform shapes such as bending or stretching them.

Give Me The Lowdown On One Concept From The Book.

One central idea to the book is you can reduce many mathematical problems and puzzles down to misdirection (similar to the same way magicians use misdirection). The fact people have trouble solving a problem due to the way our brains are programmed to work and how we look at problems in a certain way.  This is a very important concept to understand as software testers as it is central to how we test software.  As testers we should always be looking out the box and not following the ‘happy path’.  However this book does remind us that even the best of us will still be forced into the established neurological programming and we need to have an awareness of this.

Give Me One Quote From The Book.

“The book says it aims to show:

Nothing is as difficult as it seems.

Nothing is as easy as it looks.

Puzzles always have one, several or no solutions.”

What Do You Rate The Book?

4 Star Rating

If you are a software tester this book will help hone your skill on “thinking outside the box” and pushing ones view into a different perspective which are two very critical skills for software testers to work on.

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