We Don't Negotiate With Testers - Negotiate and Win By Dominick Misino

Picture of Police Rescue VanGive Me The Basics

Have you always dreamed of being hostage negotiator and negotiating with armed robbers? While your job might not be talking down armed robberies everyday (but you never know) this book does try to link the world of hostage and business negotiation together using some of the techniques used by Dominick in his career. Dominick Misino who is an ex-NYPD hostage negotiator best known for the hijacking of Lufthanasa Flight 592 in 1993 where he responded and successfully negotiated the release of the hostages.

What Do You Like?

The book which has 194 pages is a light read but don’t be fooled the book has enough detail to keep you engaged. The stories used to highlight the concepts in the book work very well and help reinforce the techniques. If you are looking for a pure business negotiation book then you could be disappointed. However if you go into the book with the view that it will provide an introduction to hostage negotiation and it will help you learn a few new concepts that could help in other negotiation situations then the book will not disappoint.

Give Me The Lowdown On One Concept From The Book.

One of the early chapters goes into detail on the different roles in a hostage negotiation situation and Dominick does a good job of detailing that in a normal hostage negotiation you have number of separate roles:

  • Commander who manages the negotiations.
  • Negotiator who communicates directly with the hostage takers.
  • Backup Negotiator who coaches and advises the main hostage negotiator.
  • Note taker who documents every communication to/from hostage takers.

While in a normal day-to-day negotiation you might not have separate people conducting these roles it might be just you. The book discusses why it is important to have an awareness of the different roles and being able to understand when you are acting in each of those roles and separating that role from the others.

In software testing you constantly negotiating be it with developers or management which means having strong negotiation skills.  A first step is to understanding the above roles and how as individual and as team you fulfil them is important.

Give Me One Quote From The Book.

“Success doesn’t mean that you get everything you want 100 percent of the time. That’s not success—that’s perfection, and perfect you and I ain’t. Not every negotiation will reach its goal.”

What Do You Rate The Book?

4 Star Rating

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