10 Ways You Know You’re a Tester

This post from UTest discuss 10 Ways you know you’re a tester  I do like number 6:

  1. You are happy when an app crashes
  2. When you find at least one bug in literally every app you use or website you visit (whether you’re looking for them or not)
  3. You go to a restaurant and find a spelling error in the menu
  4. When you can tell developers where the bugs are…without seeing the app
  5. When you realize that what you see isn’t always the truth
  6. When the phrase ‘It works fine on my machine’ turns you into the Incredible Hulk!
  7. You file a bug at 1am. Then you file another bug at 5am.
  8. When you cannot wait to check whether your filled bugs/issues/defects have been dealt with
  9. When you start analyzing everything around you in terms of quality…starting with a hair clip
  10. When your thinking power tries to find an error in everything you see or observe

via 10 Ways You Know You’re a Tester | Software Testing Blog.

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