Impero Life Update: Impero BETT 2013 Edition

Impero BETT Show 2013 StandImpero BETT 2013

Welcome to the first Impero Life Update of the year and we are kick starting with the Impero BETT 2013 edition. In this edition you can  find out a few of the many things Impero are showcasing on the stand (C280) at the BETT show this week.

V4 Release

We have been hard at work adding lots of new features and combining a few internal projects  which means we have released a brand new version at the BETT show. Here is just a few of the new features in V4:

  • A complete redesign of the Log Viewer with custom report building using a database back-end.
  • Patch Management
  • Offline logging
  • Multiple AUP
  • Enhanced Security Settings
  • Improved  broadcast including now to the login screen.
  • Improvements to the Personal Group Import
  • Extra user preferences settings such as changing the console colour and remembering the remote control settings
  • Personal Group improvements including membership By registry
  • Improved digital signage support in computer availability
  • Ability to Import/Export policy items
  • Extra features added to the Live Chat feature
  • Plus lots more ( I know its cliché but it is true I could go on for ever listing the things we have improved)

The Future

We are also giving you sneak preview of  the future of Impero with our Vantage preview I can honestly say what the future is very exciting.

Learning & Teaching Live Sessions

Impero for the first time will be delivering three Learning & Teaching Live Sessions  showing how schools, colleges and universities can reduce the cost of learning.
Wednesday: 30th Jan 14.15 – 15.00 Theatre B Thursday : 31st Jan 13.15 – 14.00 Theatre A Friday : 1st Feb 14.15 – 15.00 Theatre B

Life At Impero

November, December and January are busy times for all the Impero staff  due to everyone getting ready for BETT. However there was still time to have fun with the Impero Christmas party plus we also held a  Casino party night at the Impero offices. Along with the usual office fun.. honestly contrary to popular belief there isn’t once daily Nerf gun wars at Impero towers… honest… ok it is twice daily..

Online Training At Impero

I was reading the official BETT blog and they had an interesting article from Pat Mainprize at EducationCity about maximising ICT in the classroom.  One of the points he made was factoring in the cost of training into ICT projects.

Something myself and Tony have said this for a several years. One of the many reasons I went to work for Impero was because they understood this key concept.  Impero offer to all its customers that are in a support contract or on trial unlimited remote technical and teacher training sessions.  As Impero understood from the start that we need to get everyone on board and trained if we want a far-reaching program like Impero implemented successfully within a school.

If you came to BETT did you see the Impero stand what do you like about the improvements we where showcasing this year?

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