All Singing & All Dancing..Year In Review Post

Picture Of People Taking NotesWhen running a blog there seems is an unwritten rule that you must do a “Year In Review”. Who am I to rock the boat I present to you the all singing and all dancing “Year In Review” post. In this post I look at the past 12 months not only to do with but also my past year at Impero Software.

1st Half

The year started off with me continuing to work in technical support. It was also my first BETT Show with Impero which after several years being on the stand for this certainly was a different experience but in a very good way. Impero has grown from strength to strength. As well as lots of schools installing Impero we won several large contracts.

We released Impero 3.5 in May and we had a great launch event at the Leicester Space Centre hosted by Jon Bentley for me this was also first time I presented for Impero when I did a talk on E-Safety which seemed well received . I also got the chance to present for Impero again at the EDIT 2012 conference when I spoke about Bring Your Own Device.

In May I started to do less and less first line support and moved towards doing more third line and helping out with QA testing. However this dual role was short-lived as I then moved over permanently in August to QA taking on responsibility for running all the QA within Impero.

In March the got a complete overhaul when I moved web providers. In the first half of the year the blog had a heavy e-safety focus but in June the first mention of software testing appeared. However most popular post of the year was to come in the second half.

Second Half

The second half of the year at Impero was all about me getting up to speed and along with the new V3 development manager introducing things to help the software continue to grow.

Impero and the international side continued to grow with lots of order from around the world plus Impero attended two new international shows the WORLDDIDAC-BASEL 2012 and the Educatec Educatice 2012. Also the software successfully passed penetration testing conducted by a third-party testing company. As well as the international side we had a large number of orders from the UK with a number of large councils ordering Impero.

The blog continued to grow with most popular post of the year being the first Impero Life article in which I talked about latest within Impero but focusing a little bit  on the culture at Impero towers.

The Future

As I said the second half was all about putting a number of things in place to improve the internal process. It does means we are starting 2013 in a good place with some exciting new features being showcased at BETT 2013.

In terms of myself there a number of things want to achieve next year but one of them is to make sure I blog in regular fashion. Being my focus at work is testing I suspect you may got lot more posts related to that in the next 12 months but I will also continue to  post on customer service and life at Impero. Also one of the things I am going to try to do is post more about the articles and books I am reading with my thoughts mainly to make me think more about the content.

Well we have come to end of 2012 and I thought I would end with some thanks. Thank you for reading this blog, to the great Impero customers, to great staff I work with at Impero and to most importantly a thank you to my great family that support me in all that I do.

What has your year been like and what have you got planned for 2013?

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