Become A Technical Rock Star With Lessons From The Singer Meatloaf

Singer Meatloaf at the Sweden Rock Festival 07-06-2007Being a technical rock star is not all about technical skills sometimes soft skills are important. I was watching a documentary on Meatloaf  called In Search Of Paradise  and when it comes to soft skill lessons he can teach us a few lessons. So here the Top Five lessons from Meatloaf to turn you into a technical Rock Star.

  1. Give It All.

Meatloaf famously faints after every show this is not that he unfit but he puts in so much to the performances when he stops his body just needs to recharge. Know I am not saying that we need to work so hard at work you come home and faint however when it comes to the afternoon and you are starting to lag make sure you work through that barrier.
2. ## Take It All Both The Good & The Bad.

The program showed Meatloaf looking at the reviews and most where good apart from one area of the show he accepted the good parts and the bad parts. In life you could say Meatloaf has had his ups and downs in his life suffering depression and drug abuse however in his personal life and onstage he knew he had to follow point three.
3. ## It Is Not Too Late To Change.

In his tour he performed the song Paradise By The Dashboard Light . The tour was getting raving reviews except for this one segment that some felt that it seemed to ‘pervy’ when Meatloaf and singer Aspen Miller were acting on stage due to the youthful  look of Aspen. After a number of shows just hours before they were due to go on stage they rewrote how the song was going to performed. However the next day they rewrote it again. The take away from this is that is never too late to change even if you are due to ship tomorrow or that big meeting is in few hours.
4. ## Teamwork.

What was obvious from the documentary was the experience was a team effort all working together to put on a rock concert. The next time you are implementing something new remember to get advice from rest of the organisation.
5. ## Introduction Is Everything.

Meatloaf is probably one of the worlds most recognised artists yet every time he meet someone new he started with “Hello I’m Meatloaf”. He realised that introductions are everything be that introducing yourself, a rock concert  or someone else.

As can see the soft skills we learnt from Meatloaf can help you on your journey to becoming a technical rock star. What else can we learn from rock stars like Meatloaf?

Russell Dyas

 I am a technologist.. I am a geek.. Who has a passion for providing honest advice, sharing resources and connecting people and ideas together. Currently working for Rencore.