Five Jobs You Can Do At Christmas

[![Tidy Desk Of IT Professional](,w_300/v1439507700/my_desk_pjrim7.jpg)]( Sure You Are Ready After Christmas
***This post was originally posted on  15th December 2010 from my old blog format but the original link still gets a lot of traffic so have reposted.***

Holidays for IT support in education are usually full of server and system upgrades as the staff and students are not in and this enables us to take the system down.  However at Christmas we get one or two days at the most. This is due to the bank holidays and IT support staff, heaven forbid, wanting to spend time with their families.

****Take these few days to do the few little jobs that you have meant to get sorted. Below are some suggestions to help you on your way.

  1. Check over your inventory.
    Making sure your inventory is up to date is always a good idea. Do a walk of the site and check to see if anything has magically turned up.
  2. Reset all your bios passwords.
    I am sure that you change the default password of the bios when you get a machine out into the field.  However we all know how busy the summer holidays get and how easy it is to forget to change them.  Take a day and go around and change them.  You can even use CMOSPwd* to make your life a bit easier.
  3. Update your documentation.
    We all dislike it, we know we need to do it but will still put it off. Documentation. I have never met an IT support person good at keeping documentation up to date, however I am sure they do exist. Take a day to update your documentation.
  4. Walk around and check all the cables on the computers.
    There is nothing worst then being called to a problem with a computer to find it is down to a loose cable. Walk the site and check all the cables making sure they are all in tight etc. This could be done while you are doing either number one or two.
  5. Clear the help desk.
    We all know that the help desk is a never-ending list of jobs but spend a day or two and hit the ground running by trying to clear everything (or at the least a large percentage of the jobs) on the help desk. This means you are starting on your best footing next term.


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