The Countdown Has Begun

This post was originally posted my old blog format and has been reposted in the new look website.

If you were at the conference at the Microsoft HQ, or read the thread on you would have seen I am retiring as the Admin. However I am also leaving my current job working at Limehurst High School. The reason is that as from the 1st April I am starting a new job working for Impero.

The Past

After nearly six years at and over seven years at Limehurst it is time to move on to new challenges. This is a good time to reflect on how much has changed. Seven years ago I was four years into my career and knew everything (well so I thought). However I would have never dreamed of a career that saw me speak at various places all over the UK and speak to hundreds of technical support staff.


I started at Limehurst thinking that the job would last me three years until I went onto something new. My seven years have been rewarding, to see the students grow up from year 7s to young adults. The fact that the school has got two outstanding OFSTED in a row is testament to how good it is.

Six years ago I came across a post on Usenet about a new forum called designed for technical staff working in schools. If only I had known when I joined… Apparently Shaun tells me I am member 33. It was not long after joining I got involved in the running of, at first only on the website. Back then we used Dragonfly CMS and to date I have never used a CMS which needed so many SQL queries. Then I went onto become a full blown admin running everything from conferences to editing posts on the forum.


There have been some great highlights while working for and Limehurst, a few examples are:

● Arranging for Limehurst to become an RM pioneer school.

● Arranging a visit to Limehurst from the then CEO Tim Pearson. I also organised a visit from his replacement Terry Sweeney.

● Convincing various parties within local authority that they should hold local technical support staff meetings.

● The first conference at Lodge Park on budget of zero we managed to beg, borrow and steal people and resources to run an event which really was a first of its kind.

● Meeting various celebrities such as the Moby and the DELL robot

● The greatest highlight was meeting members and local IT support colleagues and talking to them about their job and the challenges they face.

Life does take some interesting turns and I certainly would have never thought of my life taking the path it has over the last 7 years.

The Future

So what does the future hold? If the last seven years is anything to go by who can tell? In the short-term I am excited about my work at Impero. I am being given some exciting opportunities to work on some very interesting projects with them. Over the rest of this month I have lots of work to finish for Limehurst and however I have also got to get to grips with Impero. Luckily the product has an easy learning curve.

I am sure people have lots of questions about Impero and current users have lots of suggestions. I already have a big Impero list in Evernote so the more the merrier.

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