Spiceworks New IPhone App & New Features Coming Soon

This post was originally posted my old blog format and has been reposted in the new look website.

IPhone App

Spiceworks have now released the new Iphone application. It provides a single application interface to all of your Spiceworks installation.

You can download it on the ITunes Store


Also Nic over At Spiceworks has released some spoilers on the new version of Spiceworks

Multi-Threading Support – Changes have been made to the webserver and the database to support concurrent browser requests

Google Apps Integration – You can now create an IT Service to monitor your Google Apps for Business accounts.

Network Utilization Graphs, Alerts and Reports – You can now monitor end user’s bandwidth usage several different ways.

Purchase Shop Link – You can now select the Shop Link (under Research/Shop menu) to view products and prices from CDW and pull in the details of CDW products into your purchase list.

UPS Support – You can now scan UPS devices to keep an eye on your battery backup status.

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