Promethean to Unveil New Pen and ‘Touchboard’ at BETT 2011

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Global education company, Promethean, has announced it will unveil its next generation, ActivBoard 500 Pro-series, at BETT 2011 in January. The launch of the new interactive whiteboard introduces, for the first time, leading-edge technology that allows the board to be operated simultaneously by both pen and ‘gesture’ touch.

The ActivBoard 500 will enable the use of new and emerging multi-touch functionality, similar to that used in Apple and Microsoft (Windows 7) applications. This flexibility allows teachers to reach students in a variety of ways or modes, supporting a wider range of learning types. Users will have the ability to easily move and scale objects with finger-touch using natural hand movements, in conjunction with the precision of the ‘pen’ for tasks such as writing or drawing. This offers a more intuitive and efficient way of performing tasks and allows for more collaborative classroom activities.

Jean-Yves Charlier, Chief Executive Officer at Promethean, comments: “The ActivBoard 500 represents the most significant advance in interactive whiteboard technology since it was first introduced in schools. The intuitive pen and touch capabilities deliver engaging and collaborative teaching and learning opportunities, for both teachers and students.

“Expectations and usability of technology have changed with developments in consumer electronics, and with it a new set of actions has emerged – the tap of a screen has replaced the click of a button. These digital behaviours are now second nature to most technology users and can now be used in the classroom to operate our new generation of interactive whiteboards. Feedback from pilot schools has confirmed that we have created a ‘best of breed’ solution that offers a collaborative, immersive, and inclusive digital experience.”

Jon Audain, a Year 4 teacher at Titchfield Primary School in Hampshire and an Advanced Skills Teacher for Primary ICT, adds: “The pen and touch capability of the ActivBoard 500 offers the best of both worlds and provides a more intuitive and fluid way of working. I can uphold the pace of lessons and the truly interactive experience enhances the pupils’ learning and engagement. As the ActivBoard 500 mirrors ‘gestures’ that the learners are used to using with other technologies, it improves their confidence of using the board, as they are already familiar with manipulating objects in this way. I can use the pen to write and my finger to resize or move images around the screen simultaneously which means I have more time to face and connect with the students.”

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