Garfield Theory Of Users

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I have a theory that we can categories how comfortable our users are with IT based on the characters out of the Garfield show. Do not worry I am not saying that all your users eat lasagna all day (but that maybe the case I wouldn’t know). Lets take each of the main character from the show.


He knows he is unintelligent; he is almost kid like and he is happy with that status. However every so often Odie will surprise Garfield with what he really does know. When it comes to technology there will be a portion of users who are Technophobes and are happy about that status but when you dig deeper you find that they know more than they let on.


Jons character’s major trait is that he knows what to do but gets flustered easily. We all have users that we support that know enough but when something out of the ordinary hits them it throws them off.


The cat that is cute, he knows it and he makes you aware of it. Again we all have user who know a large amount of information and they know it and they make you aware of it as well. What they don’t know about IT is surly not worth knowing about.


Garfield has the confidence and some knowledge to sort most situations out, however he needs the help of his friends to solve larger problems. This is the best user to have a they can solve a lot of issues without our help but know when to come to you when they out of their depth.

So who are IT support in all of this? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we are the girlfriends. Arlene cat (Garfield’s) and Liz (Jon’s). Our job is to keep the peace between all characters and understand and accept that all our users have positive and negative aspects to them. But what ever there motives we have to support them the best we can.

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