What IT Support Can Learn From The Circus?

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As a child (or even as an adult) did you ever want to run away to the Circus? Have you thought about the customer experience that the circus offers to its visitors? This summer I had the chance to see Russells International Circus and it hit home the customer experience and the expectations they offer.

Visiting The Circus

If you visit the circus you expect:

  • clowns
  • ring master
  • trapeze artists
  • jugglers
  • plate spinners
  • The extras you can buy such as popcorn/food, spinning plates and toys that light up
  • You expect the performers to make it look difficult

If you didn’t have any of the above elements it doesn’t matter how good the acts are you would feel short changed.

The reason that you expect these things is that no matter what circus you visit they all have these essential elements. Every circus is offering the basics and they did it without any governing body having to intervene.

What can IT learn from it:

There is a basic standard our users expect of IT support. If you fail on that it doesn’t matter how great the rest of the department is customers still will have a negative view of your support.

Give users over an estimated time line. The mantra “over promise and over deliver” is a good one to follow.
Make sure that support is offering the basics that all support departments should provide (frameworks such as FITS and ITIL do help here) before you move on to the advanced stuff.

However if your IT Career fails and you still want to join circus then a good starting point is the Circus Space In London http://www.thecircusspace.co.uk.

What else can IT support learn from the circus?

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