Impero Life Update: BETT 2015 Edition Mobile, selfies and doughnuts

Mobile DevicesIt is time for what has become my annual post discussing the BETT 2015 show. As in the previous three years I am on the Impero stand again. This year for Impero it’s all about our mobile offerings with us showcasing new Chromebook and IOS versions as well new mobile interface for YouID.

In Education Pro a few months back we released our new real-time viewing on the IOS. We are also bringing our new Chromebook application which includes our AD integration.   It will allow people using Chromebooks to authenticate against your active directory and then get the appropriate Impero policies for that active directory user. Also the Chromebook application will allow you to remote control Chromebook devices, block websites, send messages or chat sessions and much more.

As well as the Chromebook we are showing our new browser extensions which allow us a greater flexibility for Firefox, Chrome browser, Opera and Safari for OSX.  We are continuing to develop on the IOS and I might have to see if I can sneak out some of the up and coming work on IOS platform.

YouID continues to go from strength to strength over the last 12 months we released a number of new features such as Self Service Password Reset, Account management tools, UX redesigns and bug fixes.  At the BETT show we are also releasing the first incarnation of the YouID mobile interface which will allow you to use YouID from mobile devices.

Impero Remote Manager continues to grow and we are taking the Impero Admin tools for IRM that includes some of the old classics from Education Pro but with an added twist as well as some brand new admin tools.

DoughnutsOn the stand we have a number of things happening such as doughnuts.. we have lots of doughnuts. If you  come and get a demo then you will get Impero goody bag which include the Impero travel mug. We also have a selfie station on our stand in January. We want you to snap yourself at our selfie station and tweet us your selfies throughout the show to @ImperoSoftware. For every photograph you tweet, Impero will donate money to Childnet, a non-profit organisation working to help make the internet a safe place for young people.

As you can see there is a lot happening on Impero stand at BETT so please do come and visit us on stand D286.

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Be Brilliant Every Day A Simple Book Packed With Information

Give Me The Basics – Be Brilliant Every Day A Simple Book Packed With Information

Head shot of Andy Cope

Author Andy Cope

Be Brilliant Every Day is the follow-up book to Andy Cope and Andy Whittaker to their previous outing The Art of Being Brilliant.  The books like previous books offer a great introduction to positive psychology making sure that it can be understood by lots of people. However this book is more about tinkering your actions to have a more positive approach to life.

What Do You Like – Its Fun & Easy Going Style

The book that tries not to take itself too seriously and is written in fun and easy going style. The one thing I have always liked about the Brilliant Series books is the fact you can pick them up they provide a confidence or positivity boost. A simple book packed with lots of information

I’ve always admired the two Andys as it was Andy Cope who introduced me to the world of positive psychology after he ran a session at my work a few years back. The book works well as it less about positive thinking and more about why we act in certain ways

Give Me The Lowdown On One Concept From The Book – Not Self-improvement But Self-remembering

The book is not about teaching you something new but reminding you what the little voice in your head says to you.  The book is less about self-improvement and more about self-remembering. It is about remembering that you are brilliant you just need “start being brilliant a bit more”.

Headshot of Andy Whittaker

Author Of Andy Whittaker

Give Me One Quote From The Book – Call Me The Tinker Man

A quote that I like is about the Tinker Man. I like this quote as I am the kind of person that always tries and tinkers with the way I approach things to improve my process and workflow.

“Chelsea Football Club used to have a manager called Claudio Ranieri, affectionately known as ‘The Tinker Man’. He kept tweaking the team, looking for small improvements.

And I guess this book is similar. It’s for the tinkerers – the ones who dare to tweak and change things about themselves in the quest to be better. It’s also for those who’ve read other personal development books and found them too earnest, difficult, pious or simple. It’s for those who want to seize the moment, who are not afraid of hard work and who refuse to snuggle down on the wonderfully inviting bed of excuses”

What Do You Rate The Book?

5 Stars – 

Do not be put off as it is about positive psychology. Positive psychology both in your home life but also in your workplace has been proven to have a positive benefit. Not only to yourself and your team but also the company you work for. As previously said a simple book packed with lots of information.

Be Brilliant Every Day Book Cover Be Brilliant Every Day

Lenovo Not Just About Culture Diversity

Lenovo Thinkpad x100eGive Me The Basics – Bringing People Together

The book The Lenovo Way is by two long-term employees of Lenovo and discusses how they built a new culture when it brought the IBM desktop business. They started with two companies with two different cultures and created one culture for Lenovo with the company becoming truly diverse.

What Do You Like – Not Just Success But Also What Failed

There are many things that impress me about this book such as the true passion that the authors clearly have for Lenovo. They also highlight the company successes but also where they failed.  I also found the layout very useful with each chapter focusing on a key principle and a reminder of the key takeaways at the end of each chapter.

Give Me The Lowdown On One Concept From The Book – Employees Need Tools & Frameworks

One concept that came across in the book was passion for learning and that leaders must “walk the talk” .  However what  also came across is you can’t just say to employees that “these are values we as a company think are important.” You also need to give them tools and frameworks to carry out those values.

Give Me One Quote From The Book – Feeling Like An Owner

“Ownership means that when you feel like owner, you do things differently. You put the company first, rather your own personal interests. You set targets for yourself, rather than being assigned tasks by your boss. You always try best to deliver good results, without pressure from anybody else. A learning attitude is the willingness to try new things and new ideas and to practice improving every day.”

 What Do You Rate The Book?

While the books focus is on making a global company it equally can be applied when trying to bring together different subculture groups such as different departments. As you can easily replace the words western and eastern with the words technical and sales. This book has many nuggets of information with every chapter having something useful that I could apply.


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The Lenovo Way: Managing a Diverse Global Company for Optimal Performance Book Cover The Lenovo Way: Managing a Diverse Global Company for Optimal Performance