Great Scott... And Now for Something Completely Different
This post is something a little different after nearly five years this is my last week and a half at Impero. As of next month I move on to a new role with Rencore as their QA Manager helping them to build up their QA process. This move is strange
Would You Mind If I Changed Just One Tiny Aspect Of It?
As Blackadder once said "Would you mind if I changed just one tiny aspect of it?" As you can see I have changed a few things on the website first is that I have moved away from Wordpress and moved it off my server and onto hosting platform Ghost. I
The Writing Is On The Wall At Bett 2015 And Learning Analytics
The madness and the post madness of BETT 2015 finally finished and it is time for me to reflect on what I had seen this year.  The Impero stand was a massive success and we had some good comments from people both over the stand and also the software. It
Impero Life Update BETT 2015: Mobile, Selfies and Doughnuts
It is time for what has become my annual post discussing the BETT 2015 show. As in the previous three years I am on the Impero stand again. This year for Impero it’s all about our mobile offerings with us showcasing new Chromebook and IOS versions as well new
Be Brilliant Every Day A Simple Book Packed With Information
Give Me The Basics – Be Brilliant Every Day A Simple Book Packed With Information ![Head shot of Andy Cope](,h_2592,w_2592,x_0,y_648/h_150,w_150/v1439507562/andy-cope_uia1e9.jpg)Author Andy Cope Be Brilliant Every
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